Why I enjoy surf fishing

For me, surf fishing has always been intimately close to the ocean and that is probably the main reason for which I enjoy it so much. In fact, I started surf fishing after having had the opportunity to talk to some folks that were doing it nearly every evening and morning. I said, why not? I kept some fishing gear at home that I haven’t been using for years, but that I still remembered how to handle and I joined them.


I didn’t get very lucky in the beginning, of course. My gear was not fitted for this kind of fishing, but, in time I procured my own tackle gear nicely adapted so that I could land some fish. It took me a while to master the techniques for this type of fishing, but I had a deep satisfaction when I managed to do so. I rarely felt such a feeling of accomplishment, as when I caught my first fish. With the memory of this success in mind, I continued my way to becoming an experienced surf fisher.

You’ll notice that this particular fishing category brings more disappointment than fulfillment. But, you know how it is, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the reward. When you do land a fish, it is a reason for celebration. And I did celebrate, with my wife and friends. Of course, this is also due to the fact that you don’t have the necessary skills and equipment to target the species that populate the ocean. If you choose the right place and moment, something will bite, I can assure you. For example, I started landing more fish when I began using the appropriate type of rod. And by that, I mean not only one with the necessary length, but thought out for this particular activity and nothing else. For me, this product was the Penn Prevail, but one of my friends is using the Okuma Longitude – another piece of equipment especially designed for surfcasting that I would recommend to anyone who intends to take up surf fishing.


A few words about the Penn Prevail rod and why I prefer it above all other surf fishing rods on the market. Firstly, it is extremely lightweight, which means you’ll be able to handle it with ease, even if the shaft is 12 feet long. Due to its length, you can combine it with heavier lines, so that you are able to tackle larger species without worrying for the rod. The Penn Prevail has a medium-heavy action and it is fitted with a long handle made with some kind of rubber. Not quite sure what the material is, but it does a great job even when your hands are wet. It is a spinning rod, so, again if you don’t have much surf fishing experience, it’s a deal you should not lose. I have been using this rod for some time now and I can say it is a best option for beginners. In fact it is so good that you won’t want to use anything else even when you gather enough experience to use heavier and longer rods.

About Me

planet1I decided to create this blog so that I could share my fishing adventures in South Africa, where I live. In spite of the fact that I usually prefer ocean fishing, I’ve recently started exploring freshwater fishing as well ( after reading some useful articles), given that the country has a plethora of rivers, lakes, and streams that I ought to take advantage of. Our nation has been blessed with countless beauties, some of which are the waters that run freely all across the land. We have many mountains and dams. The two species that I intend to focus on are bass and carp, which have been introduced to South Africa sometime in the 20th century. I don’t recall the exact time when these two species were brought into the country, but seeing how bass is an intelligent fish, catching it is often challenging.

planet2planet3In the blog posts that I will write and publish with the help of this space, I am going to detail my expeditions, as well as the techniques I will be using and the gear I’ll be needing in order to perfect my craft. It goes without saying that catching fish is even more rewarding when you know that the species you’re targeting is an invasive one, which is why I’m not a big fan of the catch and release policy, particularly when bass fishing. Here, in South Africa, the damages done by this type of fish have not yet reached the magnitude of the one that you may find in the waters of the United States of America. I, for one, enjoy fishing both as a hobby and as a means to put food on the table. While my wife isn’t exactly keen on the sport, she will not be accompanying me on my adventures. However, she will join me when preparing the fish I’ve caught so that we turn it into delicious meals for our family and friends. That’s why I intend to share all of these experiences with my readers, so that they learn a bit about South Africa and its coastline, as well as about the most common fish you’ll find here.


Needless to say, I salute all worldwide fishermen. As I document my experiences, I ask of you to leave comments and interact with me as best as you can. If you ever have any pieces of advice so that I’m able to take my fishing to a whole new level, be sure to leave a comment, and I’ll always be thankful.