Why should you invest in high-quality fishing clothes?

As fishing requires a wide range of equipment, certain sectors related to fishing gear tend to be left aside or deemed as being unimportant. Fishing clothing is one of them. Many people consider fishing garments not useful, so they prefer wearing their usual clothes, even though some circumstances may require waterproof materials or special clothing items. Any fisherman should understand that even though it is possible to practice fishing wearing comfortable T-shirts and pants, it is essential for your success and personal safety to wear the appropriate ones for a specific context.


Mostly, people see buying a new pair of shoes or a jacket from the wrong perspective. You assume that the best deal will get you amazing quality at a less expensive price, but that is rarely true. The sums you pay for good quality clothing will always be bigger than the one you pay for low-quality ones. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality hat at a good price. If you’re not convinced that paying a larger amount of money on a good pair of pants is not worth it, why don’t you try acquiring quality small clothing items at first to be able to notice the difference? Start with a good pair of fishing gloves and compare them with a cheaper pair. The difference will be huge.



Certainly, a good investment doesn’t mean acquiring the most expensive hat from the most well-known manufacturer on the market. Mostly, it means a thorough study of the market and choosing the most suitable product for you, after having gathered the needed information and being well aware of the advantages and disadvantages provided by the specific product you want to buy. Buying a well-made pair of pants can cost you loads of money and should be treated as an important investment. When you want to buy a new laptop, you document yourself well on the product you are opting for, well why shouldn’t it be the same with clothing or accessories?


planet5Believe it or not, a pair of well-made boots can last up to a decade in and still be in good shape even if you wear them more than a couple of times a week. A laptop may not last as long. Technologies change rapidly, new high-tech products quickly replace older ones and, in a couple of years you may find yourself in need of acquiring a new one. It’s highly unlikely that this happens with shoes. If they last and have a smart design, you can wear them for years in a row, without them becoming shabby or out of fashion.


Talking about design, common clothing will more or less respect the general in-fashion designs with slight variations, hence you’ll barely feel like you’ve made a choice, but mostly that you got the best out of a thousand of similar products. It is quite the opposite with high standards clothing, as design is a first-hand matter for top manufacturers and is rarely ignored.

Getting ready for bass fishing

I became interested in bass from the moment when I started fishing. It always seemed to me that only the skillful anglers were able to tackle bass, but, in time, I realized that is not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, your equipment accounts for more than 50% of your chances to succeed in landing bass. So, I’ve gone through many experiences of failed gear combinations, to finally find one that has entirely satisfied my expectations.


I’ve always been fond of lightweight fishing gear, because I found it easy to handle and to adapt to my own way of casting. As such, I decided that if I wanted to master my equipment perfectly and have the best chance at catching bass, I should choose the one rod that makes me feel comfortable and offers me plenty of control when using it. The Shimano Stimula 2 offered me precisely that. This medium power, 2 piece rod is excellent to take with you when you leave home with the sole purpose of reeling in some bass. Its length of 7 feet is ideal for this species, and it helps you get a hold of the rod even in less comfortable situations.  As a fast action rod, it is extremely sensitive, a characteristic enhanced by its composite construction and its cork grip. Due to its split design, the grip allows you to hold the rod with ease even when you are fighting an aggressive specimen, which is not unlikely. If you need more force to drag that fish to the shore, the EVA butt cap allows you to prop it against your chest and will increase your stability.


As I needed an ideal reel to this highly efficient rod, I’ve stumbled upon a baitcasting reel from Piscifun that worked wonders, even though it came with a shockingly reduced price. Its lightweight body made with nylon glass fiber convinced me this was a match for my lightweight rod. It is fitted with 13 +1 ball bearings and the spool is made with computer numerical control machined aluminum. It features a double knob to make hand-slips almost impossible and an anti-reverse system that will really come in handy when you are fighting a furious fish. The spool has a line capacity of 12lbs/100 yards, but you can put more on it without fearing it will break. It has a 6:3:1 gear ratio, which makes it perfect for bass, as it is smooth enough not to startle the fish, but fast enough not to give it time to escape the hook. If you want to see a video review, you can check out this link.