I’m thinking about buying my own boat

If you’re familiar with my blog then you already know that I am an avid fisherman. I am lucky enough to live in South Africa where there is always something to fish for. While I prefer saltwater fishing I have recently started exploring the lakes and streams in my county and there are plenty to choose from. I could spend the rest of my life freshwater fishing and still not visit every one. Since freshwater fishing is becoming my new favorite activity I’ve decided that it’s time to start thinking about buying a boat.


Since my true passion is still saltwater fishing I knew that the boat I decided on had to be durable. By this I don’t mean leakproof, hopefully they all are, but that it can handle corrosive saltwater. Rust and corrosion are common problems on boats that spend a lot of time in the ocean so this means that I also want it to be relatively easy to rinse clean. Thankfully it is usually just me fishing or an occasional friend so the boat I thinking about buying is relatively small. This also makes it easier for me to tow when I checking out the various lakes and rivers.


When I’m fishing in freshwater I usually use a lightweight spinning reel, but when I’m casting in the ocean my gear is large and heavy so I have the strength and power I need to reel in the big fish. This means that I want a boat that will allow me to easily attach a rod mount, and yes I will probably use it when I’m waiting for a bite during freshwater fishing. After all, no one wants to hold a rod for hours if there is a convenient mount nearby. This also leaves my hands free so I can accomplish the various small tasks that always seem to pop up on a boat.


The final thing I need to consider is the engine. I need it to be powerful enough to get me out of any rip currents, but not so much that it is illegal in freshwater. I also don’t want to scare off any nearby fish as I am puttering by, and thankfully there are several relatively small and quiet motors for me to choose from. Another advantage to a small motor is that it is easier to wash the saltwater off of.


A few extras are also nice to have, if my budget allows it. Along with a captain’s seat for steering the boat, it would be nice to have a couple on the deck. It doesn’t even have to be chairs, and actually I would prefer a bench. This way I have a convenient place to set my gear so it is always close by when I need it.